First&foremost, I want to apologize for making this such a long, wordy post. I’m in a mood and I’m treating the blog like therapy right now. Forgive me.

Around 11am, I munched on a pink lady apple (pretty much the only apple I’ll buy now. Every time someone says “oh no, you have to try this type of apple instead” I end up hating their apple and go back to my old favorite. Is that weird?) with a light cheese stick and some jalapeno slices. I really like a little spice to my food and am always adding jalapenos or hot sauce or sriracha to something.

The apple didn’t look too pretty but it tasted good.

Awesome combo.

  • 1 med pink lady apple: 72/0/19
  • 1 light cheese stick: 60/3/1

Mid-morning Snack Totals: 132cal/ 3g fat/20g cho

The weirdest thing happened to me this afternoon. I was editing my “about” section and had just finished typing the part about my favorite Mexican dish when my mom called to see if I wanted to go to the Mexican restaurant with her for lunch. I took it as a sign from the cosmos that I should save my turkey broccoli salad for later, so I met up with her.

Molcajete, refried beans, and rice.

The dish that I love is called molcajete by the restaurant but when I tried to look up the recipe online a few months back, I soon realized that a molcajete is the bowl they serve it in and that the recipe must be their own special secret. It is amazing. Chicken strips, shrimp, chorizo, and steak strips (I always order it without the steak) are cooked in a spicy red sauce with spring onions and a whole jalapeno. It is topped with a few strips of melty cheese and it is pure goodness. It would definitely be my last meal request if I were on death row.

Here it is, in all of its glory

Normally, I lose my mind when eating at a Mexican restaurant (I live in a town with a very strong hispanic culture and authentic Mexican food is available all over town – it’s nothing like ChiChis or OnTheBorder or Taco Bell) so today I set up a game plan before heading to the restaurant. I wrote down everything I would possibly eat (chips, rice, tortillas, etc.) with all of the nutrition facts then chose a few key items that I really wanted to eat. I ended up deciding on a small molcajete, refried beans, and a flour tortilla. I ended up not eating the tortilla as planned and ordered a side salad of iceberg, tomato slices, white onion, and a few avocado strips with a fresh lime squeezed over top. It was all so yummy and I was super excited to really stick to my eating plan.

I ate about half of the beans, one bite of the guac and none of the rice.

Just a heads up: my nutrition counts may have been off for lunch. My bloodsugar has been running a little high since lunch and I’m not sure if it’s from inaccurate counts or from battling this brutal cold I still can’t shake. The molcajete numbers are from a recipe I found online that had similar ingredients.

  • 1 small serv molcajete: 257/13/4
  • 1/4c refried beans: 53/0/9

Lunch Totals: 310cal/13g fat/13g cho

I ended up working late and didn’t have a chance to eat my afternoon snack until I got home. It’s been a rough week. Between the cold and some major stress I’m dealing with over a friend’s wedding, I have been craving the weekend AND A GIANT GLASS OF WINE.

This was only my first glass...

  • 24 pretzel snaps: 110/1/24
  • 1 wedge laughing cow cheese: 35/1/1

Afternoon Snack Totals: 145cal/2g fat/25g cho

After my late snack, I didn’t know what to do for dinner. Originally, I planned on making the mushroom lasagna that got pushed back from yesterday but after a glass of white I got lazy and decided that I would eat my turkey broccoli salad for dinner instead. Then, I got a rush of energy that convinced me that I should make the lasagna. So I started cooking. Here is a little tip that I always forget: read the recipe before you start making the dish. The recipe was long and full of weird requirements such as cooking with a dutch oven (even though it never needed to go from stovetop to oven) and straining warm milk through a sieve. It was ridiculous and in the end I ended up with not enough noodles (the ingredient list said 8oz. when it really should have said 12 noodles) and too much eggnog in the mushroom sauce (the recipe didn’t call for eggnog but it did call for 1% milk – I only had skim – and nutmeg, so i figured i could just mix eggnog and skim milk together for a thicker, nutmeggy sauce…I don’t recommend it).

I started to take pictures of the process b/c I was hoping to post the recipe on here but I got frustrated after an hour and almost turned off the stove and walked away. It’s really disappointing to have a 2 hour cooking endeavor become a 2 hour cooking disaster. I didn’t even end up eating it. I was so hungry for dinner at about an hour into it that I just started randomly picking at food in the fridge. Before I knew it, my hunger was gone and dinner was still being made. It all happened so fast (I swear I was in a hunger coma) that I didn’t snap any pics of my grub but I did manage to write everything down after the fact. Don’t judge me, I was really hungry:

  • 1 whole wheat bagel thin: 110/1/24
  • 1T salted butter: 100/11/0
  • 3/4c turkey broccoli salad: 113/4/7
  • 1c smooth&dreamy ice cream: 240/8/38
  • 2T Crazy Richard’s natural peanut butter: 190/16/8

Non-Dinner Dinner Totals: 753cal/40g fat/77g cho

I went totally nuts with the food at my non-dinner dinner. Making the lasagna put me in a nasty mood and when it came out all funky and sweet, I knew I would not be cheerful enough to go out tonight. So I spent the rest of the night vegged out on the couch watching boring tv shows and texting a friend in Ohio. I ended up skipping my bedtime snack tonight and tomorrow I may try to dissect the lasagna (I put a lid on the baking dish and threw it in the fridge in a fit of disgust) and snap a few photos for you all to see. I’ve got a few things lined up for this weekend so hopefully I’ll be in a better mood tomorrow.

Daily Totals: 1565cal/61g fat/175g cho

Do you have anything fun planned for this weekend?


Time Crunch

January 7, 2011

I was planning to make mushroom lasagna for dinner tonight but I didn’t even head into the kitchen until 7:30 so I thought I should instead kill two birds with one stone by making tomorrow’s lunch for dinner tonight. I made a modified version of Turkey Broccoli Salad with Grapes from the Diabetic Living What To Eat 2010 recipe magazine. I subbed regular balsamic vinegar for white balsamic, green grapes for red, and added baby bell peppers and bean sprouts to make the recipe my own. Whenever I make basic substitutions like this or add low calorie/fat/cho ingredients, I don’t count them in the nutritional facts. I added a whole wheat bagel thin smothered in peppadew goat cheese, a few capers, a clementine and a glass of white wine to round out the meal.

Broccoli salad, bagel thin, goat cheese, and a clementine.

The capers tasted a little fishy but everything else was AMAZING!

This was the kind of meal that made me want to come back for a full plate of seconds. I love that. The bagel thins were perfect. I didn’t get the groggy carb rush that normally comes after a giant bagel and the goat cheese was a tasty lower calorie option than salted butter. Although my nutritionist would never agree to this, I don’t count alcohol. Realizing that I drink a meal’s worth of calories only depresses me.

  • 1 serv Turkey broccoli salad: 226/7/14
  • 1 whole wheat bagel thin: 110/1/24
  • 1 oz peppadew goat cheese: 80/7/4
  • 1 clementine: 35/0/9

Dinner Totals: 451 cal/15g fat/51g cho

I can’t end my day without a sweet treat and this is by far one of my favorites.

Olive oil and kosher salt really make the difference.

Breyers Smooth&Dreamy ice cream is absolutely amazing. The Creamy Vanilla and Dark Chocolate Velvet are my current favorites but every flavor I’ve had is delicious. I picked up a recipe from the Cook This, Not That books that has changed my life. Dribbling olive oil and a sprinkle of kosher salt over ice cream satisfy my sweet tooth and turn off the trigger in my brain that makes me want to gorge. I know it sounds weird. Just try it!

A touch of cracked pepper and fresh ground cinnamon add complexity.

  • 1/2 c Breyers Smooth&Dreamy ice cream: 120/4/19
  • 8 cherries: 35/0/9

Dessert Totals: 155 cal/4g fat/28g cho

Overall, today was pretty good. The food was fresh and tasty and I even got some exercise in. I’m back to work tomorrow so I hope everything is stress free!

Daily Totals: 1477 cal/48g fat/197g cho

I’ve been fighting off a virus, ear infection and upper respiratory infection for the past week that has left me weak and disinterested in food/exercise. Today was the first day that I felt up to eating all of my meals and snacks. I even got 20 minutes in on the TotalGym so I figured I’d take advantage of my energy and start blogging today.

In general, I like to break my day up into three meals and three snacks. In the past, I’ve been most successful in eating smaller meals and snacks often. I love food but I often eat when I’m bored and I tend to graze all day long. Knowing that I can eat something delish in the near future helps keep me from stuffing my face with calories I don’t need. It also keeps my blood sugar levels in check. I was diagnosed with Type One diabetes when I was 15. Ten years later, I’m learning to take my health very seriously. I now write down all of my food intake, blood sugar levels, insulin doses, and exercise routines in a food journal. This helps me see what I’m doing right and what I need to work on. My caloric goals for each meal is as follows:

250 calories @ breakfast

150 calories @ mid-morning snack

350 calories @ lunch

150 calories @ afternoon snack

450 calories @ dinner

150 calories @ bedtime snack

I also try to incorporate a protein, a carb, and a fruit and/or vegetable @ every meal and snack.

My goal is to start every morning with a mug of hot water and the juice from half of a lemon. I have read that this is a nice cleanse for the body and every time I drink it, I feel healthier (although it may be psychosomatic). I always allow the water to cool enough that I can drink it through a straw because my dentist said the acidity was messing with my teeth. I also switched to Meyer lemons which seem to be less astringent.

For breakfast, I tried making overnight oats from Kath Eats (check out the recipe at but used instant plain oatmeal instead of rolled oats. It ended up tasting okay but I def want to try it in the future using rolled oats.

Overnight Oats and Black Coffee

I got this lion head bowl for $1.99 last night!

  • 1 pk plain oatmeal: 100/2/19
  • 1/2 c frozen raspberries: 30/0/7
  • 1/4 c plain nonfat yogurt: 28/0/4
  • 1/4 c skim milk: 23/0/3
  • 1 T ground flaxseed: 40/3/3
  • 1 T coconut flakes: 35/3/4

Breakfast Total: 256 cal/8g fat/40g cho

I ate my mid-morning snack in the car between a doctor appointment and grocery shopping. I took the picture when I got back home and realized afterwards that the packet of nuts in the picture isn’t exactly the same as the packet of nuts I ate this a.m. but I figure it’s close enough.

Grapes & nuts

  • 1/2 c grapes: 53/0/14
  • 1 pk walnuts&almonds: 100/9/3

Snack Total: 153 cal/9g fat/17g cho

I finally had a chance to try the new sandwich thins that are always advertised in my health magazines. I definitely liked it as an alternative to bread and was surprised by the 5g of fiber. As a heads up, I never count certain food such as lettuce, tomotoes, pickles, jalepeno slices, etc. The wedge of fruit on my plate is a pummelo, my absolute favorite fruit. It is like a cross between a grapefruit and an orange, very tangy and sweet. You should definitely try one!

Turkey sandwich, mom's homemade turkey noodle soup, and a pummelo quarter.

Turkey and avocado on a whole wheat sandwich thin.

Made by Mom!

  • 1 sandwich thin: 100/1/21
  • 2 oz Applegate herbed turkey breast: 50/0/0
  • 2 T mashed avocado: 50/5/2
  • 1/4 pummelo: 72/0/18
  • 1/2 c turkey noodle soup: 100/3/11

Lunch Totals: 372 cal/9g fat/52g cho

Even though I ate a lot of filling food at lunch, I was hungry again right away. I love spicy (yet flavorful) food and have been craving a spicy v8 juice for a few days now.

Afternoon Snack

  • 1 can spicy v8 juice: 30/0/7
  • 1 light string cheese: 60/3/1

Afternoon Snack Totals: 90cal/3g fat/8g cho

Now I’m off to make mushroom lasagna for dinner. I’ll let you know how it goes.