Let it snow…

January 7, 2011

This morning has been a whirlwind so far. I woke up super late, it’s snowing, and I had to be picked up for work b/c my car is terrible in the snow. Today I’m feeling worse than yesterday, but it’s Friday so I just need to push through the next 8 hours then I’ll be free! I have a second to post before my workday gets too crazy so I thought I’d squeeze my breakfast pics in here. I have to say that I’m not entirely happy with the pictures. I normally get beautiful images off my iPhone but I’m having problems uploading them to my computer so I’ve been reducing their size and emailing them to myself then saving them to my computer then posting them. It’s a ridiculous amount of work AND the photos kinda suck. They end up all fuzzy and the colors seem off. I need to update my OS to snow leopard but I really feel like Apple milks its customers/fans for money through all of these upgrades. I’ve had six iPhones in 2 years. It’s just getting out of hand. Anyway, back to breakfast.

Most important meal of the day

Today I tried Trader Joe’s Complete Oatmeal. It has about 70 more calories than plain instant oatmeal but is full of extras like flaxseed and B vitamins. I didn’t realize that it had sugar in it until I bought it but I figured it’s still better for me than most flavored instant oatmeals. I mixed in the last of the frozen blueberries (Archer Farms Organic from Target – very good) and some sliced frozen strawberries before microwaving it. Once heated, I added some plain nonfat yogurt and a generous sprinkle of bourbon pecans (basically little sugar bombs that I rarely use but today just called for a little something extra). The oatmeal was surprisingly not that sweet, even with the fruit mixed in, so the pecans were a perfect addition.

  • 1 pk TJ complete oatmeal: 170/3/29
  • 1/6c frozen blueberries: 17/0/4
  • 1/4c frozen strawberries: 10/0/3
  • 1/4c plain nonfat yogurt: 28/0/4

Breakfast Totals: 225cal/3g fat/40g cho 

Now I’m off to tackle the day! Hope everyone has a great Friday!

Snowy view from my office window.


I’ve been fighting off a virus, ear infection and upper respiratory infection for the past week that has left me weak and disinterested in food/exercise. Today was the first day that I felt up to eating all of my meals and snacks. I even got 20 minutes in on the TotalGym so I figured I’d take advantage of my energy and start blogging today.

In general, I like to break my day up into three meals and three snacks. In the past, I’ve been most successful in eating smaller meals and snacks often. I love food but I often eat when I’m bored and I tend to graze all day long. Knowing that I can eat something delish in the near future helps keep me from stuffing my face with calories I don’t need. It also keeps my blood sugar levels in check. I was diagnosed with Type One diabetes when I was 15. Ten years later, I’m learning to take my health very seriously. I now write down all of my food intake, blood sugar levels, insulin doses, and exercise routines in a food journal. This helps me see what I’m doing right and what I need to work on. My caloric goals for each meal is as follows:

250 calories @ breakfast

150 calories @ mid-morning snack

350 calories @ lunch

150 calories @ afternoon snack

450 calories @ dinner

150 calories @ bedtime snack

I also try to incorporate a protein, a carb, and a fruit and/or vegetable @ every meal and snack.

My goal is to start every morning with a mug of hot water and the juice from half of a lemon. I have read that this is a nice cleanse for the body and every time I drink it, I feel healthier (although it may be psychosomatic). I always allow the water to cool enough that I can drink it through a straw because my dentist said the acidity was messing with my teeth. I also switched to Meyer lemons which seem to be less astringent.

For breakfast, I tried making overnight oats from Kath Eats (check out the recipe at http://www.katheats.com/favorite-foods/overnightoats/) but used instant plain oatmeal instead of rolled oats. It ended up tasting okay but I def want to try it in the future using rolled oats.

Overnight Oats and Black Coffee

I got this lion head bowl for $1.99 last night!

  • 1 pk plain oatmeal: 100/2/19
  • 1/2 c frozen raspberries: 30/0/7
  • 1/4 c plain nonfat yogurt: 28/0/4
  • 1/4 c skim milk: 23/0/3
  • 1 T ground flaxseed: 40/3/3
  • 1 T coconut flakes: 35/3/4

Breakfast Total: 256 cal/8g fat/40g cho

I ate my mid-morning snack in the car between a doctor appointment and grocery shopping. I took the picture when I got back home and realized afterwards that the packet of nuts in the picture isn’t exactly the same as the packet of nuts I ate this a.m. but I figure it’s close enough.

Grapes & nuts

  • 1/2 c grapes: 53/0/14
  • 1 pk walnuts&almonds: 100/9/3

Snack Total: 153 cal/9g fat/17g cho

I finally had a chance to try the new sandwich thins that are always advertised in my health magazines. I definitely liked it as an alternative to bread and was surprised by the 5g of fiber. As a heads up, I never count certain food such as lettuce, tomotoes, pickles, jalepeno slices, etc. The wedge of fruit on my plate is a pummelo, my absolute favorite fruit. It is like a cross between a grapefruit and an orange, very tangy and sweet. You should definitely try one!

Turkey sandwich, mom's homemade turkey noodle soup, and a pummelo quarter.

Turkey and avocado on a whole wheat sandwich thin.

Made by Mom!

  • 1 sandwich thin: 100/1/21
  • 2 oz Applegate herbed turkey breast: 50/0/0
  • 2 T mashed avocado: 50/5/2
  • 1/4 pummelo: 72/0/18
  • 1/2 c turkey noodle soup: 100/3/11

Lunch Totals: 372 cal/9g fat/52g cho

Even though I ate a lot of filling food at lunch, I was hungry again right away. I love spicy (yet flavorful) food and have been craving a spicy v8 juice for a few days now.

Afternoon Snack

  • 1 can spicy v8 juice: 30/0/7
  • 1 light string cheese: 60/3/1

Afternoon Snack Totals: 90cal/3g fat/8g cho

Now I’m off to make mushroom lasagna for dinner. I’ll let you know how it goes.