Time Crunch

January 7, 2011

I was planning to make mushroom lasagna for dinner tonight but I didn’t even head into the kitchen until 7:30 so I thought I should instead kill two birds with one stone by making tomorrow’s lunch for dinner tonight. I made a modified version of Turkey Broccoli Salad with Grapes from the Diabetic Living What To Eat 2010 recipe magazine. I subbed regular balsamic vinegar for white balsamic, green grapes for red, and added baby bell peppers and bean sprouts to make the recipe my own. Whenever I make basic substitutions like this or add low calorie/fat/cho ingredients, I don’t count them in the nutritional facts. I added a whole wheat bagel thin smothered in peppadew goat cheese, a few capers, a clementine and a glass of white wine to round out the meal.

Broccoli salad, bagel thin, goat cheese, and a clementine.

The capers tasted a little fishy but everything else was AMAZING!

This was the kind of meal that made me want to come back for a full plate of seconds. I love that. The bagel thins were perfect. I didn’t get the groggy carb rush that normally comes after a giant bagel and the goat cheese was a tasty lower calorie option than salted butter. Although my nutritionist would never agree to this, I don’t count alcohol. Realizing that I drink a meal’s worth of calories only depresses me.

  • 1 serv Turkey broccoli salad: 226/7/14
  • 1 whole wheat bagel thin: 110/1/24
  • 1 oz peppadew goat cheese: 80/7/4
  • 1 clementine: 35/0/9

Dinner Totals: 451 cal/15g fat/51g cho

I can’t end my day without a sweet treat and this is by far one of my favorites.

Olive oil and kosher salt really make the difference.

Breyers Smooth&Dreamy ice cream is absolutely amazing. The Creamy Vanilla and Dark Chocolate Velvet are my current favorites but every flavor I’ve had is delicious. I picked up a recipe from the Cook This, Not That books that has changed my life. Dribbling olive oil and a sprinkle of kosher salt over ice cream satisfy my sweet tooth and turn off the trigger in my brain that makes me want to gorge. I know it sounds weird. Just try it!

A touch of cracked pepper and fresh ground cinnamon add complexity.

  • 1/2 c Breyers Smooth&Dreamy ice cream: 120/4/19
  • 8 cherries: 35/0/9

Dessert Totals: 155 cal/4g fat/28g cho

Overall, today was pretty good. The food was fresh and tasty and I even got some exercise in. I’m back to work tomorrow so I hope everything is stress free!

Daily Totals: 1477 cal/48g fat/197g cho


One Response to “Time Crunch”

  1. Never would have thought to put olive oil and salt on ice cream! I may have to try that. When I was younger, I would dump salt into my chocolate milk. I loved sweet and savory things from an early age, I guess 🙂

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